White House asked FBI to discredit reports of Russia’s links

The White House confirmed it was an FBI official asked President Trump to report campaign helper in contact with the Russian intelligentsia to discredit.

The White House confirmed his staff question asked Reince Priebus of the FBI Deputy Director of a New York Times article unquestioned, leaving Moscow.The FBI, relying on an ongoing investigation into the accusations, has rejected the contact between Trump supporters and Russia.
“The FBI is totally incapable of addressing the national security” leakers “that our government is attacking for a long time,” Trump said, addressing Friday morning due to address a conservative political gala.
“You can not even find the leakers within the FBI itself.” Classified information given to the media, which could have a devastating effect on the US.
The New York Times reported last week that the US agencies intercepted calls last year between the members of the presidential campaign Mr. Trump and Russian intelligence officers.
Mr. Priebus asked FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe cold water to throw suggestions of communication between employees and Moscow Mr. Trump.the FBI does not comment on the report publicly.
Mr. Trump was struck by demands of the alleged connections with Moscow since his presidential campaign.
The president asked to resign national security adviser Michael Flynn last week after being deceived vice-president Mike Pence of his contact with a Russian ambassador in the transition.
When pressed across Moscow ties Last week, Mr. Trump said “no one I know” with the Russian secret services during the campaign.Democrats said Priebus was limited between the White House and the prosecution on ongoing investigations in violation of a political communication.Michigan representative John Conyers, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, said, “The White House is simply not allowed to press the FBI to make public statements on an imminent investigation of the President and his consultants.”