Whatsapp New features

New video chat option to give new features for launching group video chat.
Now the people with Android or Apple iPhone can not respond to a person or highlight the message from a single person in group chat using the new feature. You just need to select the appropriate message from the person, and select Options. WhatsApp users can now quote each other as in the comments of the Facebook messages with ‘@’ symbol. An input simple @ and initials the name of the contact. In this way, the user can name a certain people at group chat. These collective chats can be a little messy, so this feature helps a lot.
you can know which members of a group chat’ve see your message, a particular message and the information in iOS and Android phones.
The world’s most popular instant messaging app for Android and iOS recently added new Emojis for Gender Diversity, so more women are now introduced to sports.
The increased stability of the video for better perception of video chat. The option to download and upload heavy videos together with multiple photos at once is worth it to mention the sending here.