WhatsApp begins testing

WhatsApp begins testing a way to actually make money

WhatsApp has begun testing a system that permits businesses to message customers directly, in keeping with a report by Reuters. In different words, WhatsApp is preparing to really build real cash.

If you recall, WhatsApp wants to charge associate degree annual $0.99 membership fee, however, abandoned it a few of years once being noninheritable by Facebook for around $19 billion. it absolutely was then that WhatsApp same it might explore property users communicate with businesses and organizations for validation, therefore we’ve notable this was possible returning for a few time.

According to the Reuters report, a “handful” of Y Combinator startups recently began testing the feature:

The trial continues to be within the early stages, same Umer Ilyas, co-founder of Cowlar INC, one among the startups concerned. The system is extremely anticipated in distant places wherever WhatsApp is particularly common, he said.

Cowlar makes collars for farm cows, collection information on their activity and recommending changes to enhance milk yield. the corporate, that is testing the collars within u. s. desires to use WhatsApp to send automatic alerts from the collars on to farmers if say, a cow isn’t behaving commonly, Ilyas said.

A recent report from Mashable appears to corroborate Reuter’s findings, suggesting a variant referred to as WhatsApp for Business is being tested in India.

It’s on the face of it the same approach to what Facebook has been doing with the traveler Platform, that has LED to associate degree flow of business connected bots within the last year just about since it absolutely was introduced. WhatsApp is a lot of common than the traveler in several components of the globe (like the same India), therefore it is smart Facebook would attempt the same approach in these areas.

At now, business bots on WhatsApp look like a matter of “when” instead of “if.”