Varun Dhawan: star Khan’s hard to achieve now

Star Khan’s hard to achieve now


He is considered one of the most popular young actors in Hollywood, but Varun Dhawan believes that it is difficult for the new generation to enjoy the style of Star Aamir, Salman, and Shah Rukh Khan. The 29-year-old actor says, because of the extreme burden of social media, there is no “secret” about celebrities and people are constantly looking for a change. “The kind of Star Salman, Shah Rukh, Aamir, or even Akshay and Ajay enjoy is now difficult to achieve.I feel it is partly due to the social media.There is no secret, there is a lot of exposure Do not wait, they move on very quickly, “said Varun. The star now says not only with their Bollywood contemporaries, but also compete with Hollywood stars for the actors. “We’re not working with the people in Hollywood.Today, today’s audience enjoys competing in theaters and it makes it harder to make a point.I work very hard.It’s going well now but I do not want to take serious success or failure And simply continue working, “said Varun. The actor says that he does something as artists get to each project, but prefer to get back to the roots as soon as possible. “I find it difficult to grow me as an actor to judge because every time I think I’ve learned something, I’m trying to re-learn the roots and go back.” I do not want to be “the know -it-all. There is no fun it is as fun in the discovery and grief. ” Varun also believe in making filming and acting skills an actor increase during the performance. “The study of action and classes help to do.” To watch movies and read help to act. “Actor can be good when they are rich in experiences.To go and experience life and emotions are very important.” Varun is also planning to focus in the future but is currently satisfied with the amount of work he has as an actor. “I understand the movie technically.I do not rule out one day, but now, my hands are full of acting and it’s hands-on professional and very difficult.My passion for acting now is too high to look at anything else “, he said