US bound flights to ban most electronic devices

US-bound travelers from over a dozen countries banned from carrying most electronic devices, officials said.

Twelve airlines flying over a dozen countries will be affected by the new rules, to be announced later. Some Middle East affected airlines, including airlines based in Jordan and Saudi Arabia, while the other countries are named. US airlines will not be affected. The passengers will still be allowed mobile phones and approved medical equipment with them, but nothing more, such as laptops, such as cameras and tablets are allowed only in luggage. The ban is taking into account how the US government learned a few weeks ago of a threat from terrorism. Earlier on Monday, Royal Jordanian Airlines has their passengers laptops, iPads, cameras and other electronic in hand luggage would be allowed for flights to the US on Tuesday.

The airline said mobile phones and medical devices are excluded from the ban, but also had to cover all the other electronics in the luggage. The airline tweeted Monday evening that “more updates will be announced soon.” Al Riyadh, a newspaper close to the Saudi government, quoted a Civil Aviation Authority source said that the measures were passed by high-ranking US officials to the Saudi Interior Ministry. The White House declined to comment and a US Department of Homeland Security spokesman said that they had “no comment on possible safety precautions, but an update provided when needed”. Home Secretary John Kelly told Congress legislators on the plan at the weekend, according to helpers.