Twitter targets small business accounts

Twitter targets small business accounts, start-up dashboard information

To help entrepreneurs with their users, the microblogging site Twitter launched “Twitter Dashboard” help – an app to streamline commitment to business accounts. “Available on the Internet and iOS version, dashboard contains found in other twitter products found features in the past. In both versions of twitter, guide you through a quick process to create a personal creation” About You ” , “Technology’s website Engadget reports. The run takes into account what kind of business you are running, then calls and searches combine for people to search for your brand, even if they have your handle directly to highlight, so the report. On Tuesday, Twitter added a new feature that allows a user to add virtual stickers to photos only by their appearance as hashtags. The company is also creating collections of stickers that are connected for the time of the year, and events like New Year . The new feature was similar to a sticker to be added to a snapchat post, whereby a user can change the size, rotate and add to each post different stickers. Management of Twitter does everything to get the business back on its feet. Recently, she acquired 18 months of London-based startup magic pony technology to expand her functions in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). The announcement comes a week after Twitter invested $ 70 million in the popular music streaming service Soundcloud its stalled growth drives under rumors that the technology giant Google will soon be acquired by the company. The 10-year-old Twitter confronted stalled user growth and the increasing competition for some time. A sequential decline in its monthly active user (mouse) base led to a sharp drop in Twitter shares as the company announced its fourth quarter results.