Trump’s Big Promise

Trump Great promises owed Great congress address

No one projects confidence as President Donald Trump, who gained during promising reception to America in a bold new direction with almost sheer force of will.
Although more than a month after his commission, no one seems to know exactly what way he does. On three critical parts of his agenda health care, tax reform and infrastructure . Trump confronts limited or conflicting signals about what he expects to Congress.
This puts pressure on the White House to fill the gaps in his speech before Congress on Tuesday evening, traditionally a platform for the interpretation of the political wish list of the president.
During the campaign, Trump ambiguity was an advantage. He often changed his attitude to politics, often without any change to all who freely choose voters to answer, that they choose the rest as a bluff left to choose and dismiss. Should Trump pay in the total $ 1.9 trillion government debt down “a period of eight years?” Or did he think it was “a time to borrow and lend long” military and infrastructure spending? Make a choice: He both states within three weeks of each other.But it only works as long as you have never make a final decision to disappoint a page. Now that he has won, Trump’s bill is due to start.
The immediate concern is health care. Trump has expanded a big promise, and after the election, “insurance for all”, “much lower overpayments,” and zero reductions Medicaid, the right program for low-income Americans that the affordable care Act.What has happened so far? According to initial speech of a repeal bill of fire-house Republicans, a replacement plan is gradually creeping together probably as less people to cover the Affordable Care Act, lower deductibles than a way to promote medical costs, and reduce Medicaid spending – everything Without a beep from Trump.The Senate will move at a slower pace, and some members behind a dramatically different plan care in countries that want to provide and provide broad catastrophic coverage elsewhere.
Moderate worried are a Republican plan to expose many people, conservatives are afraid it will be too expensive, and both sides are under pressure from an evolving anti- retreat movement of the town houses. But we still do not know what trump, with little guidance on buzzwords about health savings and purchase insurance offered in government lines, the legislator wants to face these challenges.
“All his actions and statements so far tend to be on the side of the vague or (should) be erroneous from several directions,” said Thomas Miller, a conservative health care expert at the American Enterprise Institute. “I do not believe it is yet.”