Trump Shaped thousand of drug Tablets Seized By German Police

German’s police arrested two Austrian residents who were selling trump shaped tablets.

According to the French news agency, German police arrested the suspects in the city of Osnabruck, and police said that the arrested people were working to sell drug related shells with US President’s shape.

According to police, thousands of drug pills were recovered and a large amount of cash was found during the operation, while two Austrian residents involved in their sale were also arrested, they use to sell drugs online. The purchase value of tablets was about 11000 euros and the sales were about 39000 euros.

According to police officials, both of the arrested suspects are 51-year-old father and 17-year-old son.

The photo of American President Donald Trump was on the front side of the tablet, while his name was written on the back side. They thought that drug pills would be sold with the slogan “Trump makes partying nice again”.

According to the foreign news agency, Trump seized pill name is ‘Ecstasy’ of the trumpet, and it is also hazardous health, so far many people have lost their precious lives without using the doctor’s proposal.

Medical experts said that these pills cause high blood pressure of the related person, which causes a lot of mental disorders to worse.