Trump: Republican lawmakers should back health care bill

US President Donald Trump warned Republican lawmakers on Wednesday that the voters would break them a plan


That he would rather be allowed to break, as pressure grew businessman-politician turned to win the first major legislative battle of his presidency. In one of the few visits he made to the US Capitol since he took office, Republican Trump counterparts in the House of Representatives “their political problems” will take apart the face of care against the bill and replace it in part. “The president was very clear: he did it for everyone on the line,” House Speaker Paul Ryan, the leading advocate of the bill, told reporters. “We have a promise, now is our time to keep this promise … If we do not keep our promise, it will be very difficult to manage.” While the Republicans control both chambers of Congress, leaders of the face of the party a difficult task to unite their members behind the health care bill will be only the first of a series of reforms that promised Trump including overhauls of the tax system and business rules. US stocks closed on Tuesday significantly lower, led by a decline in financial stocks starting as investors in how to implement the rapid trump administration pro-growth policy. Sectors affected by the policy of tax cuts and the economy were weaker as investors consider these plans can take longer to implement if the administration trump to spend more time and energy to get a health plan spending benefit.

They have this back and forth in congress with the new health plan, and you have this belief that if the health plan succeeds, they can not move on taxes.” It is a feeling that when things go Have perhaps gotten then not done the market is expected to perform well, “said Mark Kepner, Managing Director of Themis Trading in Chatham, New Jersey. Some conservative lawmakers believe that the health care bill does not go far enough while moderate Republicans worried it has gone too far and that millions of Americans injured the dismantlement of the Affordable Care Act, legislation signing healthcare former President Barack Obama’s 2010. Party leaders hope the bill as early as Thursday morning in the house floor for the debate. But the administration and housekeeping can afford Republicans to lose only 20 votes to lose rows or risk the bill as the Democrats unite.

Lifting and replacing Care was one of Trump’s most important electoral promises and a goal of the Republicans since it entered into force. Trump, who took office two months ago, press another important law through the Congress. Republican deputies Walter Jones told Trump Legislators in a closed session that if the Republicans bill has not existed, it will face “political problems.” Jones said he thought trump legislators meant losing their seats.

While Trump predicted that the Republicans face challenges in primary competitions before the 2018 midterm elections face, if they can stare intestines, there is also a risk for them to do. Millions of voters could lose their health care coverage as the Republicans bill. The Congressional Budget Office said last week that 14 million people could lose reporting within the household bill next year, although this number could change to the most recent version of the legislation. Democrats are planning against the Republicans, saying it would cost millions of health insurance and injured the elderly, poor and working families, while taxing the rich. Ron Wyden, the senior democrat in the Senate Finance Committee, said he thought it would not take long to build for a political game, adding that he joined three town hall meetings recently in Oregon, where opposition was obvious. “People in between 50 and 65 are very aware that they are on the edge of being hit by a demolition ball. Basically in these areas, and you are talking trump voters, it will shock people’s real questions when they immediately get sticker shock (Approx.) The cost of the premiums, “Wyden said. Republican leaders recrafted this week’s bill to try to satisfy critics, especially to fellow Republicans.

Republican chairman of two major committees said on late Monday they have proposed more money for tax evaders opposed to conservatives, giving the flexibility senate to help elderly people to help health insurance. In addition, democrat stop tax will be eliminated in 2017 instead of 2018. The changes also addresses Medicaid, which is the largest health insurance fund in the country, representing approximately 70 million people, especially the poor. The changes would allow states to work on the requirements for some adults to implement an idea championed by many conservatives, and to decide how they received federal funding. Despite the changes, the Wall Street Journal reports that the conservative House Liberty caucus have enough votes to block the bill. Trump, who does not offer Obamacare suspension laws of his own, not to mention “a lot of health care bill, but for him to vote,” Jones told Capitol Hill’s trip. The Association for Growth, an influential conservative lobby group, said that there would be at least $ 500,000 for advertising spending on television and digital platforms to condemn the bill. The Senate will vote on laws and more changes could be made. At a rally in Kentucky on Monday, the Trump said he wanted to add a provision to the bill to add costs to prescription drugs. There was no such provision on Monday changes.