Trump condemned a “witch hunt” after Jeff Sessions Russia probes closed

Donald Trump has accused Democrats of a “witch hunt” from carrying out their criticism of his General Prosecutor over his contacts with the Russian Ambassador during the presidential campaign.

This comes after the Attorney General Jeff Sessions, said he would not participate in any investigation into Russian interference in last year’s election after it became known that he was talking to Sergey Kislyak during the campaign twice and failed to make it said as through The Congress.Mr Sessions continued to draw a distinction between his talks with the Russian ambassador in his role as a senator and his role in the presidential campaign Mr. Trump. At a press conference yesterday, he said, “I’ve got to do business in the back with the Trump campaign. “I think I should not be involved in the investigation of a campaign I had in a role”.The President said he had “confidence” in Mr. meetings when he met Newport News in Virginia, meeting sailors and shipbuilders on an aircraft carrier. On Friday, the accused Democrats “bluff their hand.” He tweeted, “Jeff Sessions is an honest man he had done nothing wrong, he said his answer was more accurate, but it was clearly not intended “.