Trump Cabinet Ben Carson slaves called ‘immigrants’ in speech

President Trump’s new housing secretary has brought after referring to slave controversy caused to America from Africa as an “immigrant”.

Dr. Ben Carson, who is the only black member of the Cabinet Mr. Trump was his first speech to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for staff, as he described the comments – as “offensive” by campaigning civil rights. He praised the labor morale of immigrants who dreamed of success for their families in the United States when he said, “There were other immigrants here in the bottom of ships, working even longer, even harder for less money. “But one day her sons, daughters, grandchildren, great-grandchildren can pursue prosperity and happiness . Addicted Africans do not come voluntarily to the US and denied freedom for hundreds of years.

Although Dr. Carson received standing ovations from hundreds of HUD staff, a game soon followed. Rana Hogarth, a historian and expert on American slavery, described equation Dr. Carson as “inadequate and inaccurate wild” as immigration shows “the desire of a person to make the trip.” Rebecca Scott, a law and professor of history at the University of Michigan, added that slavery in the US was a “dramatically clear form of migration.” She explained, “That people have hopes for their children no matter how they were brought to the United States safely, where their ability to see their aspirations is tightly confined by slavery ..” In a tweet, apparently since then, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development wrote: “This is the cynical interpretation of the words of the Secretary-General is a variety of welcome HUD staff. “No one seriously believes he corresponds voluntarily to immigration of involuntary work!”

The excitement is likely to prove an unwelcome for Dr. Carson, who just started his first full week for the division since he was confirmed by the  last week. His department is responsible for providing housing for people with low income through vouchers and public housing – and saw its role as he had a prominent role in the resumption of poor neighborhoods. Dr. Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, who grew up against Mr. Trump as a presidential candidate of the Republicans last year even in a Detroit ghetto. This is not the first time he is criticized for producing insensitive remarks.