“Synthetic Pot” in connection with risky sexual, violence and drug abuse among young people

Marijuana is generally seen as a relatively cheap drug, which is a generally mild high production, but new US government analysis shows that the drug known as artificial pot abundant seem to be completely different.

Teens United Nations Organization uses artificial pot area measurement to find an increased risk of violence, risky sex and abuse of various drugs, the US Centers for unwellness management and bar study. Synthetic pot – commonly known as pretend weed – covers a spread of drugs under many full names. Spices and mountain peaks


common brands in the past. A set of chemicals in pretend weed plots similar to those in marijuana. This drug area measure is usually marketed as natural and safe. But they need unpredictable, and in some cases, serious consequences, according to the US National Institute on Abuse (NIDA). And they have become very popular among young people because of their low cost and instantly on the market, warns the NIDA. “The results show that the student’s UN agency report victimization artificial marijuana area measure probably much with regard to health mechanical phenomenon, it is particularly serious, only when artificial marijuana consumption among adolescents relatively frequently” the same principal investigator Heather Clayton. She is a healthy soul at the CDC.

About one in ten high school students rumors claim weed victimization, she said. For the study, Clayton and her colleagues gathered information on nearly sixteen, 000 high school students. The data were collected in 2015. The participants were asked about their use of cannabis and artificial pot. They were also asked about the use of various medicines, violent behavior, mood and sexual behavior. Agency youths United Nations use artificial pot much at stake was for crushed or communicate as those in violent behavior, which use only marijuana, the researchers found. As an example, was definitely a weapon in a combat glue use pretends weed agency juveniles United Nations. These adolescents were also very useful to possess the victims of sexual or physical-chemical analysis of violence. Agency youths United Nations tried artificial pot risk of endangered or bruised doubled with a gun on college property, the results showed. Agency students UN use artificial pot but also very useful victimization marijuana to begin very early in life, before the age of thirteen years, compared with the agency students UN strictly used, marijuana, the investigators fixed. In addition, the use of so do pot agency children was very useful twenty times to possess or too much use of genuine marijuana within the last 30 days. Synthetic pot use in addition to higher risk associated, while sex is no safer or different types of contraception, the researchers equal. The study was not designed to prove a cause-effect relationship. And is it possible that children tend to be risky behavior – like sex without wearing a condom or a weapon – just fake pot even the researchers try to say,

“While the study did not show that synthetic marijuana use of this risk-bearing behavior, it is still important for health care and schooling Dust prevention Programs focus on strategies to begin using marijuana and reduce synthetic marijuana, “said Clayton. Dr. Scott Krakower’s assistant unit head of psychiatry at Sugar Hillside Hospital in Glen Oaks, NY “I am concerned that the schools and providers have sufficient testing for substances in this age group,” he said. “These synthetic drugs are often completely missed.” Teens often turn to synthetic drugs because they are easily available, cheap supply feeling the excitement and is difficult to detect, noted Krakower. Synthetic pot is illegal. It is listed as Appendix 1 drug from the US Drug Enforcement Administration. But traders the law hull searched by constantly tinkering with the formula and labeling of products as “not for human consumption” Krakower said. “They came with agents from almost faster than we can find them.” Parents must watch their children closely, especially if their child was using marijuana with “he suggested. “If they suspect dust and see a sudden change in mood symptoms, new beginning agitation or aggression or paranoia, they should immediately contact their doc” Krakower. Dr. Henry M. Robert Glatter, a co-worker in the nursing emergency doc at Lenox Hill Hospital in NY Village, said: “Teenagers United Nations organization use artificial [substances in marijuana] area measure basically to take a stunt competition.” Fake pot is usually sprayed with dangerous chemicals or pesticides. And usually fatal – – These chemicals cause unpredictable results, he warned. “In addition, there is an increased risk of seizures associated with the work of artificial cannabinoids, which can cause obstruction of the airways, coma, And death “Smooth.