Shahid Kapoor: Misha is our first project together

Shahid Kapoor greeted his first child with Mira Rajput last year

The actor who is a marriage, the baby said her first joint project is. The 36-year-old actor Mira’s pregnancy and the birth of Misha helped them closer. “Misha our first project together. The process has helped us approach and a sense of belonging and camaraderie, “Shahid said. The marriage of the couple many eyebrows, but it is not so bad, according to the actor who said that their relationship is based on friendship.

“In a marriage, love follows. It is starting with friendship. And somewhere, the difficult relationship grows to him. You do not see a 10 to 10 partner. There are things that have worked to understand when you begin your spouse, “he said. Shahid sometimes says, although it is love, it is hard to live with the person. Reminiscing the time when Mira was pregnant with her baby, Shahid said he wanted to say “our child was then.” I like to say that we were pregnant. I know that I will not go through all hormonal changes and contractions, but to say that we are together in it a warm feeling. “