Samsung tests its Smartphone

Samsung is excited on the whole Galaxy Note 7 chaos behind them.
Samsung, its reputation some what shredded after the Galaxy Note 7 dump, which is the mobile phone’s introduction of a coffin in eight weeks, is striving to provide consumers with confidence again, with the extensive tests go through quality go to smartphones.The most likely part is pushing a PR for the introduction of the Galaxy S8. the variety of tests showing quality phones and continue to ensure – more importantly in a post-note 7 world security.
Our phones are widely tested, tested and then tested again.Innovation is our legacy Quality is our priority.
The key to Samsung will be whether to drop 7 effects a cloud over Galaxy S8 sale. Currently, the approval rate for the Galaxy S7 phones has been strong, but the device has a proven track record. Galaxy S8 is a new device and it may be necessary to prove itself before the consumer feels happy in his pocket.