Protein Challenge

How can we educate people 9 billion enough protein in a way that is affordable to the environment, healthy and good?

This is a difficult question and the answers are not simple, but a unique coalition of business, academics, civil society organizations and government agencies come together to try to find them through the Protein Challenge 2040 initiative. Today, protein is in the spotlight as never before. It is fundamental to human health, but the way we grow and eat at the time is a serious burden on the health of our planet and our bodies. Facing a growing part of the world’s flesh to feed a steadily increasing world population and the projected impact of climate change, the protein challenge 2040 we believe must now act.We live in a crazy world where more than 50 per cent of good quality plant maize (maize, soybeans, etc.) can be fed to humans fed on animals.In addition, fed a good deal of wild fish trapped for farm animals and fish. The protein system is an excessive dependence on soy for feed, and the cultivation of soybean in turn drives deforestation. It is not enough to just grow a harvest to find more sustainable ways; It is also about alternatives and the treatment of the question. But the picture is very complex. Some of us eat more than enough protein; Nearly 2 billion people are overweight or obese. Other face a serious shortage of protein, more than 700 million people are starving. Both sets of conditions associated with a great health risk. Some proteins have more nutritional value than others, and some, especially animal protein, is resource-intensive and many harmful effects create planet as greenhouse gas emissions, heavy water consumption and the destruction of valuable habitats around the world championship.