Phillauri’s song:’ Dum Dum ‘Anushka Sharma-Diljit Dosanjh experience old school romance

With Anushka Sharma ‘Phillauri’, the song of love of sufi comes out and brings back the charm of the old school novel.
The soulful song has been written by Anvita Dutt, and sung by Romy and Vivek Hariharan.
Phillauri’s debut production is the second joint production of Anushka after the success of ‘NH 10’. Actress Shashi plays a friendly spirit living in a tree. Shori Sharma Sharma ‘s married fame’ Pi Of Life ‘with the tree says she is married without them knowing. Below is a fun ride that will lead you back to the Shashis chronicle before he becomes a ghost.

‘Phillauri’ is set to release worldwide on March 24.