“No evidence” Donald Trump phones were tapped by Obama during the election

Older Congress say that they are still waiting for evidence to assure the US President’s requirement that he be compared to Watergate.

The House Intelligence Committee said there was no evidence found to be Donald Trump’s claim that his phones support had been listened to. Republican Congressman Devin Nunes and Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff, who leads the committee, said that they are still waiting for evidence from the US Department of Justice. The department has to meet until March 20 with a request for evidence but was forced to do so by the committee when they missed the deadline. Mr. Nunes said he did not believe there was “a real crane trump tower” in New York, which President Trump said March on his Twitter account At that time, Mr. Trump wrote. “How deep President Obama my phones Tapp during the many holy election processes is Nixon / Watergate bath (or sick) man.!

“I’ll put a good lawyer out a big problem with the fact betting that President Obama is knocking my phones in October, just before the election! “Is it legal for an incumbent president to be a wire a race for president knocking a choice? Through the court previously rejected. A new low!” Mr. Nunes said the committee with the office of the Director of National Intelligence will gain access to computer technology to fight so that they can go through CIA evidence of alleged Russian interference in the election. Last Monday, FBI Director James Comey apparently asked the US Department of Justice to refuse Mr. Trump’s allegations in public – a move that US President has questioned the truth.

This follows comments from James Clapper, the director of national intelligence in the Obama administration who denied that there was an order for oversight at the Trump Tower. Mr. Comey and the head of the National Security Agency will testify about listening to claims and allegations of Russian participation in the American election at a public hearing on March 20th.