New Metropolitan Police Commissioner

UK:the new Metropolitan Police Commissioner, the first woman to control the London police.
She succeeds Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, who led the power of 2011 until his retirement last year.
Ms. Dick, formerly the national police leadership on counter-terrorism, she said, was “enthusiastic and humiliated”.But her appointment had been criticized by the family of Jean Charles de Menezes, who falsely killed during an operation she was shot dead in 2005.The Brazilian electrician was killed two weeks after the bombings in London 07.07 when he was unjustly identified as a terror suspect.
A jury later broke with the laws of health and safety, but found it “no personal guilt for commander Cressida Dick”.Mrs. Dick, 56, came together for the Foreign Office after 31 years of service in December 2014.
She was elected for the role of national policymakers VR President Sara Thornton, Essex Police policeman Stephen Kavanagh and Scotland Yard Mark Rowley Commissioner.
Their appointment means that for the first time all three top police jobs in the UK are occupied by women, the Met Commissioner, the Head of National Agency Crime, and the President of the National Police Chief.
Statement by Mrs. Dick said, “It is a great responsibility and a tremendous opportunity.
“I am looking forward to the protection and care of people in London and again with the great men and women of the Met.
“Many thanks to all who taught me, and supported me on the way.”