Money transfers via Facebook

New York:TransferWise has launched a new service that allows users to send money through Facebook
The company, headquartered in London, said on Tuesday, it had developed a “chatbot” Facebook Messenger or an automated program that could help users communicate with businesses and tasks such as online shopping.
The chatbot from TransferWise allows customers to send money to family and friends and from the United States, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe by Facebook Messenger. It can also be configured to use warnings exchange rate.
Facebook already allows users to send money to the domestic in the United States through the messenger application, but has not yet launched similar services internationally. Transfer Wise said that its service will be the first to enable international money transfers within Messenger entirely.
Facebook opened its Messenger application developer to create chatbots in April in an attempt to expand its reach in customer support and business transactions.
Chatbots have become a hot topic in the technology companies last year because of recent advances in artificial intelligence, they have done better in the interaction. Companies, including banks, hoping to be able to improve and reduce the cost of their customer service operations.
Transfer Wise was launched in 2011 by Estonian friends and Kristo Taavet Hinrikus Kaarma through frustration with the high fees of banks for international money transfers.
The company, supported by more than a billion US dollars, has supported the support of several investors high profile as a risk fund, Silicon Valley Horowitz Andreessen, the founder of Virgin Group, Richard Branson, and co-founder PayPal Max Levchin and Peter Thiel, through its fund Valar Ventures.
Customers from more than 50 countries will send about 1,000 million dollars through each month of your website.
While the chatbot of TransferWise in Facebook Messenger is now only available, it can be adapted to work with other popular chat services, “said Scott Miller, Head of Global Partnerships TransferWise. He said the service will eventually expand into other countries and money transfer routes in which the company operates.

The start comes the competition in the areas of mobile payments and international money transfers strengthened. Earlier this month, PayPal Holdings Inc. announced its US payment application Es venmo to be available in the popular chat service Slack.