Microsoft Outlook, Skype, Microsoft Onedrive by another audit issue

Where weeks after a widespread authentication problem affected Outlook, Skype, Microsoft Onedrive, Xbox and other Microsoft services, it happens again

Users around the world on Twitter began reporting that they could not sign in to, Microsoft Onedrive, and Skype (and possibly more). I myself have not been able to sign at 14:30 ET today in, Microsoft Onedrive or Skype, but my 365 office mail account works fine. (Knock hole.) I think the problem started about an hour ago or 13.30 ET or so. SSA is Microsoft’s single-sign-on service to ensure users can log in to their respective Microsoft services. As happened 2 weeks ago, the Skype Heartbeat website publishes a message stating that users can send experienced messages and recording problems:

“We are actively investigating the problem, preventing the user from logging in and sending Skype to Skype messages! We will let you know as soon as problems are solved. ” The Xbox Live status website also presents a few users with problems with signing and managing the content. Two weeks ago, Microsoft officials would not comment on the reasons for the review problem. I have a question today again to see if I have yet to get any information on what happened or when the problem solved. When I detected 2 weeks ago, the SSA is not blue Active Directory for authentication at the time. Microsoft is the merger of the front end of the two authentication services, but SSA at the time of its “big back-end data store” of 6700000000 accounts, according to a tweet by Alex Simons, Microsoft Identity Division Manager of PM. The Office 365 Status page for and Microsoft Onedrive have an update issue for those who are trying to log in to and Microsoft Onedrive.