LinkedIn News curation with Trends Feuds rollout

LinkedIn can be seen for professionals as a go social network, but the company has long spent with bad user commitment and time spot to fight.

A redesign of the desktop site in January an attempt to address these issues and improve the overall experience for LinkedIn users, and now the company is working on Facebook-like news curation as another trick to help users continue. Wednesday debuted LinkedIn Trends feuds that are basically a delivery of trend news stories to establish and subject a person relevant. The stories are created by a combination of human editors and algorithms and beyond any immediate connections. Each compiled story is uniquely marked so that users can follow certain themes and influences, and each story includes a summary of the topic and links to additional coverage – all working on the content of their own mixed fodder. The product has agreements with the two Facebook trend topics and Twitters Moments feature, but incarnation LinkedIn is primarily aimed at business users. It is clear that LinkedIn is hoping that this kind of business news curation will be focused encouraging users to spend more time on the site where things like sponsored posts and posts can generate more revenue.

Trending feuds will roll Wednesday both on desktop and mobile, in the US. LinkedIn said it will eventually expand the service to include more countries and languages.