LG X Power

The South Korean technology giant’s battery capacity, which hold up smartphone for two days, and with ultra-fast charging, 50 percent fill within an hour.

LG Electronics, the X-Power 2 smartphone unveiled next week’s Mobile World Congress, which unveiled a 4500 mAh battery features and comes with ultra-fast charging, the company announced.
The sequel to X Power, the smartphone has by far the largest battery capacity for an LG phone. It can process 15 hours of internet just video and 18 hours of straight use, so the company. It is also navigation for 14 hours.
The super-load capacity charges brought about twice the rate of conventional court and 50 percent of the battery fill within an hour, the company said.The 0.5-megapixel front camera uses a wide-angle lens that can take group photos without the need for a self-made. It is equipped with modern LG gesture and car shots armed. The former phone can make gestures to read photos, while the latter automatically takes a picture when a sight senses.
It has an eye-easy mode for eBook display, load quickly sharing photos quickly on social media, and a rear camera with a “zero trigger delay” direct pictures, LG said.
The phone will come in 2 GB and 1.5 GB of RAM and will run from Android 7.0 Noga.
LG will unveil next week its flagship mobile phone G6 at the upcoming Mobile Fair in Barcelona. The premium phone is expected to be an 18: 9 ratio QHD + display.