Lennie James Breaks Down

The Walking Dead Lennie James Breaks Big Relapse Morgan: “He slammed the car

In the world of The Walking Dead, any notions regarding living the zombie apocalypse through ways of non-violence square measure perpetually well-tried to be not possible.

On tonight’s new episode, resident pacifist Morgan (Lennie James) was finally forced to abandon his “kill no living thing” school of thought once push came to shove and Richard (Karl Makinen), on his continued quest to goad the dominion into war with the Saviors, incited violence by concealment one amongst the cantaloupes within the Kingdom’s delivery. His mission backfired once that hirsute Savior goon killed young Benjamin (Logan Miller) instead, pushing Morgan back to the brink of mental disease. Eventually, Richard got what he wished once Morgan smashed his head in throughout the second meeting with the Saviors.

It was a deeply unhappy moment for each Morgan and therefore the audience, heretofore once more, we have a tendency to were reminded that any hope of doing things otherwise wasn’t possible and violence was nearly always inevitable. to interrupt down Morgan’s huge moment, moreover as his ever-evolving relationship with Carol (Melissa McBride).