Kirk Frost secretly Jasmine Washington give money: he recognized her baby daddy?

Kirk frost finally turned to his significant other Rasheeda face in relation to his alleged extramarital with forest

“Kirk [Frost] Enjoy Rasheeda [Buckner Frost] and Forest [Washington] for Fools” He sits here Rasheeda his relationship with Bush regarding and admit: he is still giving forest money on the facet, even after she told people he was her baby daddy! ”

“He should feel guilty or a sh ** as a result of no one in his right mind break bread for a special woman world organization agency allegedly would be relevant to his baby,” stressed the availability. “Kirk listened to his child, he’s just not ready to confirm it by taking a check.” Kirks are frightened Rasheeda and forest. They are like time bombs ticking and collectively the longer he waited for this baby drama, how closer she gets to each Treatment was exploding in his face. ”

He must register to be afraid! Rasheeda look so devastated as she confronts him about the alleged affair behind her back, and we’re sure or not when he says it’s true or not at this stage of the awesome cliffhanger, she will not be happy.