Ivanka Trump’s have landowner is suing the United States

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s landowner is presently involved in a very legal battle with the U.S. government that might be a conflict of interest for the president’s female offspring, The Wall Street Journal Reports.

The head of a corporation that owns Trump’s Washington home, Chilean rich person Andronico Luksic, was denied permission by the Obama administration for one in every of his different businesses to construct a mine for copper and nickel in an American state, consistent with the article within the Journal.

The piece reports that the mine was denied by the Department of the inside on the idea that it’d cause “serious and irreplaceable damage to the present distinctive, picture and irreplaceable wild|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} area.”

Although he will own the house she stays in, there aren’t any different known ties between Luksic and Trump. A White House spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal that Kushner and Trump pay the truthful market price for the house and that they weren’t responsive to the legal battle after they signed the lease.