High-speed communication

High-speed communication of 1 day 5 hours nuro mobile of “time plan” experience

High-speed communication with 1 day 5 hours  nuro mobile of high-speed mobile communication, it has become an era where you can Smartphone is now, but items that do not also essential as a communication. the upper limit of each month of the communication capacity but want to mobile cheap SIM smartphone, the new SIM card of service “time plan” .To become the all-you-can-eat “times system” at 2,500 yen per month. We tried to verify the ability of the new service is not being likely.

In the “time” units “time plan” of nuro mobile, it is a service called .the “2,500 yen per month.” The first place, now data plan that many communications and use up the data onto certain capacity. From major carriers that exceed the monthly 10GB ~ 30GB, since both the higher the capacity .users of the burden The first place he is from the eyes that you are Unique who does not even boil image of too much upper limit.

Although there was a service that can be switched by to use high-speed communicationusers are conscious of whether nuro mobile’s not necessaryWhen it is judged that the nuro mobile system has communicated time is consumed in5 minute increments”. In the case where continuous high speed communication time is consumed every 5minute,