Google Released Its New Version Of Android Operating System Named As “Oreo”

android oreo version

Google has released a new version of smartphone operating system Android, named after the famous biscuit “Oreo”, which is eaten throughout the world and is considered to be very rare.

Last day, Google announced the name of the new Android’s version 8.0, as well as all the rumors related to its name, came true.

Android 8 did not get octopus¬†name nor did the oatmeal name, but Google has named “Oreo” with the contribution of the Biscuit-making company “Nabisco”.

Now the name of the new version has been declared publicly, so it is circulating the question in mind that will it update its new version of the smartphone?

According to Google new version based update has been released, it has been available for Android Open Source Project. But when will it come to your phone? This is a question that Google can not even provide the full answer because it depends on different companies that manufacture this version based update for which of their smartphones.

Apart from Samsung, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Huawei and other companies, which smartphones they choose for this new update and how long will they update.

It will be announced annually by all companies,after which it will be clear that this new version will be available on which already existing smartphones in the market.