‘Golmaal’ Again

Parineeti Chopra to start for Rohit Shetty Shooting ‘Golmaal’ Again on 9 March
Parineeti a fun character in Golmaal weather play and seen to kick and her way around, as one of the boys punching. The 28-year-old actress on the topic wortkarg is easy to say: “This is my first franchise film so I’m really excited and excited about my best to bring the role of a franchise like Golmaal has a loyal audience as an actor I have to stay with them, at the same time I bring in a bit of myself, which as an artist unique and identifiable.It is a fantastic team, and I am anxious, especially at the thought of Rohit Shetty directed me And entertaining. I was put everything for Golmaal to go, “she said.