Force Touch Home button coming to iPhone 7

Force touch home button comes iPhone 7 analysts

Apple can send two new iPhone devices in August. 9to5Mac received an anonymous notice about the iPhone 7 haptic feedback to incorporate the house button. Haptic feedback on the Home button can be similar to how you click on a simulate effect on the main screen of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus Touch. This point is consistent with the predictions of the iPhone 7 “force touch home button” can be according to the analysts. It comes in addition to predicting that the home button will not be a moving physical part and will work more like the trackpad on the MacBook computers. Analysts also predicted that the iPhone 7 waterproof capabilities will contrast the troll ads on 4chan in the recent history, and it will dig the headphone socket and will instead come with a speaker grille. The latest generation will be available in a “Space Black” color in addition to existing silver, space gray, gold and rose gold. These rumors are coming directly to the earlier reports of the iPhone 7 with a larger camera module.