Facebook Won’t Take Responsibility For Fake News

Facebook continues to be peddling fake news under fire, but the platform never really take responsibility.

Mark Zuckerberg dissatisfied. It was more than four months since the election night, but Facebook still finds himself in the hot chair over the distribution of the false news on the platform, and what role (if any) has played in the election. As part of a nationwide tour through, Zuck said that Facebook would not like any false news on the platform. Goedso! “There are some allegations that stating that we actually want this kind of content to our service because there are more content and people on it but it’s crap,” Zuckerberg said during a Stadthalle style meeting in North Carolina last week. “No one in our community is false information. We are also the victims of this and we do not want our service. “It is not always clear what is wrong and what is not,” he continued. “A lot of what people call false messages just confirms what people do not agree with.” It just leaves the last in a long set of recent answers to the problem that consumes the responsibility for the content and users share on Facebook. I believe that Facebook would not like any false news on the platform, especially the game. I also believe that Facebook is not the only party responsible; Media hackers and political groups originally and the user mail, which also share responsibility in the matter. But it’s hard to argue that Facebook does not want any content. Facebook builds commitment and feeling (just one of the many forms of false news to promote) encourage participation. Facebook to become the center of the media, but the responsibility for the role and influence. Although the response to the election seems sprawling and complicated, it comes only after a public outcry – Facebook admitted that false news has been available on the platform for years. And the light of these latest comments from Zuckerberg, the Facebook victimization on a list of excuses and distractions that added to Facebook after the elections, it seems clear that Facebook never has a real responsibility to the truth of its content on the site to take