Have You Ever Seen Elephant Painting? How These Elephants Are Trained?

Allah has created wonderful things in the world, including wild animals, Every wild animal keeps a different look.

The elephant holds a unique position in these wild animals, Man takes many tasks from elephant and is given it before taking action. You have ever seen painting an elephant, how surprising it is that an elephant and painting but it is happening. An elephant makes elephant’s image and then makes a picture of flowers, This photo he regularly makes with the painting brush, He uses his trunk to lift the painting brush.

These elephants are taught in Thailand, Thailand is very popular for elephant tourism anyway, There are many elephant camps to teach elephants and paintings in Thailand. Here you will see elephant training. Tourists around the world tend to buy paintings made by elephants.

These elephants are regularly held in a kind of prison to teach painting, They are also kept hungry and thirsty.

The Maesa elephant camp is running from 1976 and its elephant is an important part of tourism,