I don’t think women must pay a price to follow their heart and mind

Bollywood star turned international sensation Priyanka Chopra all stride into it’s while they still break the norms and get a solid foundation in the world of a man. The actress who never shied away from expressing her thoughts and opinions spurned on again after promoting the cause of strengthening the role of women of the international woman. In an exclusive interview with Bombay Times hosted, position of Priyanka Chopra, why should we all the women we want to be. She says, “I’m someone who does not run with a Marshals, said that life is just a war I do not believe so but no conditions should be any man who stops in to what they want to be Girls also placed in India .. There is a small percentage of women who are privileged to have put conditions on them.I am grateful that I am in this lot.If I think about the fact that women want I want I want Just the best version of me .. And I use every opportunity that comes in that direction my way.I want the girls all without exception to want to go to the room where they have more than enough opportunities to women they would be able to Be, not.