Donald Trump is giving an ultimatum to health care

Donald Trump to get an ultimatum issued to the Republicans in the house, they say behind him proposed a revision of Obamacare, if he left legislation in the health care of his predecessor in place.

The US president is facing a vote in plenary later. Some Republicans are opposed to Mr. Trump’s proposed revision because they say that it will not go far enough to care in. Moderate Republicans believe it could leave millions of Americans without cover. The Revelation is the first big test of the presidency of Mr. Trump and made a great venture for him if until Tuesday it was not clear whether he would need to be needed support approval. A vote is scheduled for Thursday, but it had to be postponed as a rebellion of conservatives and moderates of the measure would be doomed. The Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan has planned a vote on Act American Health Care President Friday.

“We have promised the American population we will abolish and replace this broken law, for it will break together and fail families and tomorrow we will continue,” said Ryan on Thursday. One of the main electoral promises Mr. Trump was to lift and replace Care, which he regards as too cumbersome and too expensive. But he fought to support his own party leaders to get his alternative. American Healthcare Act Mr. Trump fails to surrender as 22 or more Republicans vote against.

Republican leaders seem to be lucky that gambling with the voice of the rebels will be forced to support or take the bill with the healthcare legislation Barack Obama left. Mark Meadows After Ultimatum Mr. Trump’s representative said he will vote against the law but will not say whether the Conservative Freedom Caucus, which in contrast to him still had enough votes to prevent it from passing. When the bill arrives in the house, it will go to the Senate, where the legislator also threatens to close it. The failure that the bill would happen at a time when a major setback for Trump’s administration will be seen when it is already facing two congressional investigations and more and more evidence of Trump officials trapped in monitoring US news agencies.