Diya mirza Stereotypes exist in all professions

The actor and social activist Diya Mirza says stereotypes exist in all professions and not just Bollywood.

“When I was a part of the film industry, people have the idea that girls who have a good background should not work in movies.Persons so much love actors cast, but want to be an actor when someone in their family, They paranoid think that professional activity is not a good choice.

“This type of stereotypes exist in all professions,” Dia, an environmental activist, said at a seminar power women. “Even women who are well-educated are looked upon as a curse because some people think they are a good person can not have because they will not be able to manage the house.To eliminate this mentality We have to discuss and talk about it, “added Dia, who is married to Sahil Sangha. It says that the solution is the financial power. “The women who are financially independent, they can easily deal with these situations,” she added.