Diljit Dosanjh open discrimination in Bollywood!

Punjabi superstar Diljit Dosanjh says he never undergoes treatment in Bollywood faced motherly step.

Diljit, what a name in Punjabi cinema made a successful Bollywood debut last year with Udta Punjab and now ready for the release of his second Hindi film Phillauri. The actor-singer says that all the actions of the film industry in terms of, and he has been a wonderful experience. “I’ve never faced this (discrimination) when someone was trying to be serious about me who met me, they greeted me with respect and love, I’ve never felt camp here,” said Diljit. In response to a question about what he thinks about the camp system in Hollywood, he said, “Yes, if you want to make movies, you can get a team to make a team a movie, as this will be another tight, “In addition to Diljit, Udta Punjab also featured another male actor, Shahid Kapoor. Phillauri also another male head – Life of Pi actor Suraj Sharma. Diljit says he does not have the number of actors who believe with him in a film and instead look for a good story. “I have such a desire, to be honest.I deal with great stories movies.The content must be strong.I have no problem if there are a few actors with me.The number of artists may vary, but the content should be good, I do not have such a desire (solo), “he said.

“I look at the story and see what I have to do in the film.” Sometimes the story is a good set and good, but there is not much to do for you.I do not want to do it. “While Kareena Kapoor Khan’s opponent hit in his Bollywood debut paired in Phillauri, 24 screens in March awaiting him against Anushka Sharma.” They are both great artists and very dedicated to looking to their work.I for their role very hard Kareena woman works the same for Anushka Ma’am. Her another plus is that she was the producer as well, he said: “This is a great achievement of a non-filmy background to come up, have a good movie and found their own production company.On the sets I never felt comfortable, they were producers.But they still prepared very well for their role.” Diljit has no plans to slow down in Punjabi movies. “No, I have launched Punjabi films all year.I launched in June, it will be another released soon.It is not difficult to manage both Hindi and Punjabi film industry.There 365 days and movies in two months.For a director, It’s difficult for him to start from the outset with the movie, “he said. He has worked in Hindi and Punjabi movies, Diljit between the two industries feel virtually no difference. “Most of the Punjabi directors, music composers are here because it is here,” he said.