Dean Jones visits Lahore for PSL final

Islamabad United coach and former Australian Batsman Dean Jones said that if he is qualified to participate in the Pakistan Premier League 2017 Finals, he would go with his team in Lahore.

United coach said the players for the security officials were waiting for them to give the situation a good briefing.”We are still stuck with giving the security guards with regard to us some good referral. Until we do that, players can not make the decision,” he added.Asked a question about his experiences in the two editions of PSL, he said, “It was great, I think cricket is likely to improve 5 to 10% this year, I have the catch very well …” Jones said she was in a similar position last year in the tournament as they are now, and his team also look forward to running Kings Karachi and Quetta Gladiators.Speaking about the PSL scandal, he said, “Everyone knows that we had a few hits had a few of our guys left and left a few holes, but we’re starting to organize”.
He said the team was lucky that the incident happened at the beginning of the tournament that gave them time to reorganize.Fortunately, it happened early in the tournament and not too late.We just have to wait and see what happens in the session.Happy for them, everything is clean and they can go on with their lives and play, but if guilty, they should The worst, “he added.Praised the performance of his fast bowling player against Lahore Qalandars, Dean Jones said: “The bowling Muhammad Irfan and Mohammad Sami Brendon McCullum was just riveting TV The first six overs, you can not go anywhere, I hope this kind of cricket. Would remain. ”
He urged the cricket community in Pakistan not to get so keen on these early all-rounder Shadab Khan, although they were very talented, he was very young at this level.
He’s just a boy, do not let us think much of him now.He is a wonderful fieldsman.We had a run up and adapt his technique a little.
Whether you believe it or not, he changed his technique about 30% in a week, he has been practicing since and working on his delivery until I find it very difficult to get him . Shadab praised the fast learning ability,
When asked about the quality of the PSL and compare it with other T20 leagues, he said that it was there.
They have four overseas players for the beginning, compared to BPL only two, so it’s better, it will be better and hopefully coming in the next few years, we will play in Pakistan and present the best talents in the world.