Controversial new work Ivanka Trump in the White House

Mysterious new job Ivanka Trump to create all kinds of problems. Daughter of the President has moved into his own office in the West Wing of the White House,

where she … did something. No one knows exactly what their job description is. Mrs. Trump is not officially employed by the government, and his no salary. But it is spent on government communications equipment and has received a security check to give their access to locks. This is a very unusual arrangement. Donald Trump Critics say it smells of cronyism and at best ethically questionable. What is really going on?

Work is not a job

When Mr. Trump was elected president, his daughter moved to Washington DC but emphasized that she did not want to take a job in the White House. Mr. Trump shot down reports he wanted to give them security check.When Mr. Trump was elected president, his daughter moved to Washington DC but emphasized that she did not want to take a job in the White House. Mr. Trump shot down reports he wanted to give them security check.

It is clear that things have changed. In her new role, Mrs. Trump is “her father’s eyes and ears, offering honest advice as she gave her entire adult life,” her lawyer told NPR. “She wants to spend some time on initiatives that interest her, especially with regard to women at work.” His work in the White House with his own office. She developed politics. She sat down in a meeting with leading politicians of the world. She definitely sounded like a White House employee, but the administration insists she has no one. Why? One possible explanation is that federal employees are subject to strict ethical rules – and many like their father, Mrs. Trump seems to be some conflict of interests, especially when it comes to their fashion business. “Elderly child Donald Trump will move into a taxpayer-financed office while still effectively managing their fashion companies while they are protected by state oversight in corruption and illegal acts,” argues political writer Oliver Willis. “Ivanka Trump is the only one who will provide supervision of their role in their private business interests.” Ethics experts agree on the situation intensively. “Even if the White House refused, Ivanka is a” special government employee. So we will have a trump of ethics dispute in a White House and administration already packaged them saying: “former White House Ethics Council standard iron.

Ms. Trump claimed his will to voluntarily follow the ethics rules that apply to a federal employee. She has given up some control over the tag-to-day management of her mod brands, although she is still involved in high-level decisions. And they are stepping back from their role as leaders in the Trump organization. “Ivanka is taking several measures to promote high standards of ethical behavior,” said White House Press Press, Sean Spicer said. “Even if she is not a federal employee, she will apply the restrictions if she follows.”

Ethical issues to the side, there are two main criticisms of role Mrs. Trump says the public has no idea what she was actually doing, and she is only there because of his daughter’s president. Conservative political commentator Amanda Carpenter contained these points best in a devastating statement for Cosmo. “What does she do exactly? Nobody knows. What qualifies them? Apparently, the daughter of the president to write, “said Carpenter. “If Ivanka Trump was not the president’s daughter, would she be given an office in the White House for a job that does not describe it? Of course not.” Ms. Carpenter said the non-existent job description gives me Trump “cover his father will do,” and makes a mockery of her advocacy for women in the workplace. “Ivanka said she would not be seen as a first lady, but she knew what she gave off the air from a right royal princess,” she said. “Ivanka will continue to do so when she was a model for working women, she suggests one for” sitting with foreign dignitaries at the table. Remember, she was sitting alone in this seat because her father left her. This is not the case for the overwhelming majority of professional women in America. “