Claude Juncker warns UK

President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker has warned that the United Kingdom faces a “very solid” bill for Brexit.
He promised to leave two years of “difficult negotiations” when to start talks on the field between the government and the European Union.The expenditure will not come “at a discount or to the zero tariff,” he said in a speech before the Belgian federal parliament.According to reports, the United Kingdom may have to start the EU for € 6 billion (£ 51 billion) to pay Brexit calls.
Mr Juncker comments come as the House of Lords a second day of discussion of the European Union’s government (denunciation) bill, which, when approved, will allow Prime Minister Theresa to allow Article 50 of Lisbon.The talks in progress in Brussels about the size of the bill MUST be given to women when they launched the talks. The amount covers part of the costs of projects and programs signed as a member, as well as the pensions of EU officials in the United Kingdom.
In his speech, Mr Juncker, a former Prime Minister of Luxembourg, said: It will take a difficult negotiation two years to agree on the original terms and agree on the future architecture of the relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union .
The British people must know they know is that they will not be at a discount or to the zero tariff.The British have obligations that they were involved in making respect. “For example, the bill to sit roughly a lot Little bulky.