Why the Bitly link-shortening service went down for some users

Comcast users were unable to use Bitly link shortening services for several hours because Comcast blocked its addresses out of security concerns.

We use URL shortening services as often these days, which we seldom realize once. Until that is, one of them fails. Today, one of the most popular of them, Bitly, remained working for some users. You might think of URL Shortener as something individuals use to shorten long web URLs. This is true, but companies are using it to promote their websites on social networks. In addition, Bitly to pursue business marketing offices by clicking on their connections. While a bitly interruption is an obstacle for someone to share LOLcat pictures, this is a big problem for the business.

The company reported on the evening of March 9 that it identified “a problem with accessing bitlinks to certain Internet service providers in North America, including Comcast. Bitly than to try to “in place mitigations for users on Comcast to work the problem.” Unfortunately, this does not work out. “We had the mitigations that were created to co-operate the connecting problem for Comcast customers to temporarily remove.” By midday Eastern time, Bitly finally reported: “Mitigation is fully in place, expect no further impact on users, continue to monitor and update updates should occur.