Anushka Sharma points out a mistake

Anushka Sharma points out a mistake in this Katrina Kaif song

As part of the advertising strategy of her upcoming film, “Phillauri, Anushka Sharma has been busy recreating moments of the past to present her photobombing.” She adds the Hashtag #ShashiWhatThere is for each of these positions.Your character – Shashi is a ghost in the movie and the actress ” Spiritual “phenomena!

The promotion strategy, which was invested by the #ShashiWasThere invited moments captured in public memory, whether the moon landing or the Oscar ceremony this year goof-up. This time Anushka the Shashi behind Katrina Kaif in her chartbuster “My name is Sheila. Anushka the image as “Yeh Gaana Ek dum Galat Hai .. Inca name Katrina Hai, Sheila NAHI main inhey achchey the jaanti Hoon .. #ShashiWasThere”.