Android will overtake Windows


Android will overtake Windows as the most widely used operating system



After more than eight years in the hands of consumers, Android ready to adopt Windows as the most widely used operating system in the world. This measure comes through Web Analytics company StatCounter, which are trends in world traffic. Microsoft Windows, the smallest of the margins on Android, and they could continue positions trading very soon when the current trends. Windows account for 38.6% of worldwide traffic, according to StatCounter. Android, on the other hand, rose to 37.4% of online activities. Android has grown significantly since 2012 when StatCounter reports it accounts for only 2.2% of traffic. Windows at that time consisted of a whopping 83% use online. Microsoft is probably not very happy about this trend. Meanwhile, the numbers are slowly a slight downward trend for Apple’s Mac OS, which had lost a few points over the same period. IOS has won, but it is still far behind Android. This data does not differ based on the type of devices, such as phones, tablets, 2-in-1-en, and all other form factors. The numbers fit what we know about the state of the mobile and PC markets. People are buying more mobile phones than ever, and they buy less computers. In fact, Android device makers have made for several years more units compared to Microsoft. By this measure, Android is already more popular. It just a big head starts in time for the use of Windows to catch up.

Google’s model for Android was largely questioned in the first years of the platform. Android itself is open source, allowing a company to create its own version of the operating system. This is something that Amazon has a great impact with its surge devices. If you want to use the Google programs (which almost all do) you go through certification and give Google some say about how the device and software design. Google will not talk about how much cost of certification, but it is believed to be a trivially small amount to compare a Windows license. Google makes the bulk of its money for Android’s use of their services increased. The low cost of bringing an Android device to the market is one of the driving forces behind their growth. Since people are more concerned about their online activities of desktops and laptops getting to their mobile phones, Android only takes a larger portion of the internet. At the beginning of 2018, it was to be the undisputed king. But who knows how long his rule will last.